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Teen Yoga – 13-16 Years

Yoga is beneficial for everyone, but especially so for teenagers, as this can be difficult years, both emotionally and physically.  Yoga can help teens find inner peace, confidence as well as ensure physical fitness.

Yoga and exercise is also a fantastic tool in stress management, as well has having plenty of the obvious health benefits. Our Teen Yoga class gives teenagers an opportunity to rest their hardworking brains and during the classes they can learn breathing and relaxation techniques, which can be used before, during and after revision and exams. Exercise is widely known to improve mental wellbeing and this is of paramount importance when you need your brain to be doing its best work. Yoga and exercise can also help ensure much better quality sleep which leads to improved alertness.

Physical Benefits  

–  develops good posture and helps maintain a young person’s natural flexibility
–  supports growing bodies and tones the body, stabilising core muscles and maintaining joint mobility
–  supports the immune, respiratory, circulatory systems
–  prevents sports injury
–  improves co-ordination and balance
–  teaches the body how to relax
–  improves sleep

Mental & Emotional Benefits

–  builds positive relationship with the body
–  improves concentration levels
–  improves anxiety through teaching of breathing techniques
–  brings clarity through relaxation techniques
–  improves memory retention
–  creates a deeper sense of self and awareness

Yoga is also a perfect choice for teenagers looking to take up a new activity as their skill for their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Our Teen Yoga courses are for 13-16 year old’s and are held on Tuesday and Thursday’s at 17:45-18:45. Courses are starting w/c 9th September and will run for 7 weeks. The classes are very popular, but a few spaces has now become available in each of the classes. To book a space, please contact Earthlife on 020 8940 0888 or