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November & December Treatment Offers

Hot Stone Massage – £10 off in November and December

Imagine lying on a massage table feeling relaxed and cocooned in warmth, letting your stress and anxieties melt away as your therapist uses hot stones to enhance your massage treatment by releasing muscle tension and boosting your circulation as the heat penetrates deep into the tissues and joints. Massaging with hot stones will increase the benefits of the massage, as the therapist can work more deeply into the muscles; adding therapeutic and remedial effects to the massage. This can be particularly effective where muscles are sore and the deep work alone too painful. Hot Stones are used throughout the treatment to help relieve pain, target particular problematic areas working on trigger points and areas of specific tension, knots or spasms to improve posture and range of movement.

By the end of the treatment, you should have left the stress of day-to-day life far behind and feel profoundly balanced and refreshed at mind, body and spirit level.  Hot stones massage can enhance holistic, deep tissue, sports or aromatherapy massage treatments.

This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women, people suffering from nerve damage, diabetes or those with skin conditions likely to be aggravated by heat.

To book your Hot Stone Massage, please contact Earthlife on 020 8940 0888 or email on