Deepen your practice with Yang and Yin

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Saturday 7th March - 14:30-16:30


Louisa’s background originates around track running, marathons, cross training and kettlebells – all of which highly vigorous and intense on the body, whilst working within a corporate stressful environment for the last 15 years. During this time she has worked through many desk and sports related injuries and diagnosed for a genetic spine condition.

Her passion for physical and mental health/overall wellbeing steered Louisa towards Yoga around 8 years ago and has since led her on a journey of taking a step back, simply listening & observing the body with an internal focus.

She teaches by her own personal experiences, adopting this in her teaching style and as a result her classes are light-hearted, experimental and accessible for all. With attention to the breath, dristhi, asanas, bandhas and with focus on alignment, strength and injuries. she adapts and adjust to give the student a nurturing and supportive experience working on building up from the foundations and with no rush or intention – just an open mind and heart.


She feels very lucky to share, learn and grow with all the lovely students she’s  had the pleasure to work with.

About the Workshop

A practice for regular yoga practitioners. Suitable for all levels - from beginners to athletes, and to those looking for a mental break and reconnection.

Yang - Working with breathe, movement, strength, focus, balance to help build some heat, find space, mobility in body & mind.  Complemented by Yin to deepen physically into connective tissues, fascia, body, self and mind.

These two approaches to asana practice offer specific and powerful physical and energetic benefits. When combined they work to balance the masculine and feminine, and yang and yin energies.  This is a great way to explore two very different practices.

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