Introduction to Tai Chi

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Linda Hall’s love of fitness and dance started from an early age. Having danced her way through childhood, Linda first qualified in Exercise to Music with the YMCA in 1992 but it was martial arts that really appealed to Linda after meeting the inspirational Chinese Grand Master Leung Guo Qiang, famous throughout Southern China for his Wing Chun opera house style of Kung Fu.

Throughout years of training in this art, Linda also qualified in other fitness disciplines and taught fitness as a full time career in many leading health centres throughout West London from 1996 onwards. Linda is also qualified in Stott Pilates, Pre/Post-natal Fitness and Aqua Fitness.

In 2004 Linda fully qualified as a Chinese Martial Arts trainer and was accredited with her Masters in Zhaoqing, China.

About the Workshop

Tai Chi combines deep breathing, relaxation with flowing movements originally developed as a martial art in China, today it is practised around the world as a perfect wellbeing exercise suitable for all fitness levels

In this workshop we learn techniques that will

  • Improve balance & flexibility
  • Alleviate stress & anxiety
  • Assist better balance & posture
  • Enhance Confidence in co ordination & movement

Tai Chi is low impact and puts minimal stress on muscles and joints, making it safe for all ages and fitness levels. In fact, because Tai Chi is a low impact exercise, it may be especially suitable if you're an older adult who otherwise may not exercise much.

Keeping an open mind and spirit will help to find your to motivation in order to achieve your personal goals

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