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Reiki Share Group

with Jacqueline Lee Cunningham
Sat 26th Jan - 10:30-12:30
Sat 2nd Mar - 10:30-12:30

Now more than ever we need to STOP and take a moment to breath. Our Reiki Share Group offers a safe and non-judgmental environment with like-minded people in a peaceful space for self-healing, to give/receive Reiki, meditation, chakra balancing, ask questions and networking, all to expand your spiritual journey. Everyone is welcome – men/women of all ages, if you’re new to Reiki and want to know more or if you are already on your Reiki Adventure.

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Iyengar Yoga Workshop

with Jackie McCaul
Saturday 26th January - 14:30-16:30

This Yoga Workshop will be focused on the time of year - January! A time of new beginnings, so people new to yoga, welcome!  Starting energetically with standing poses, energising the body, shaking the sluggishness of the festive season off, before spending some time introducing "twists", rotational poses to the body to aid internal cleansing and concluding with restorative poses so we feel ready and willing for the year ahead. This workshop will introduce the Iyengar approach of looking at the poses from the basis of technique and correct alignment...

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Reiki Level I

with Jacqueline Lee Cunningham
2nd & 3rd February - 10:30-16:30

Reiki level 1 is for beginners with no previous experience or for the Complementary Therapist wanting to add a new dimension to their therapy repertoire. Jacqueline's Reiki classes are taught in the traditional way from Master to student, in person and in the form of a workshop via presentation, demonstration, pair/group work with practical tasks.  You will also receive a manual and a Reiki I Certificate. Reiki I course contents: What is Reiki, History of Reiki, Level I Attunement, The Reiki Principles, The Chakra’s, Grounding and Bubbling up, Meditation, Self-treatment and treatment to others on chair or...

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Meditation & Mindfulness - the Next Step

with Karen Young
Sat 16th Feb 2019 - 10:30-15:30

This is the ideal workshop for you, if you have already attended introductory workshops or classes and want to use meditation + mindfulness techniques more regularly in your day-to-day life. Karen Young, a tutor with many years experience, will help you move up to the next stage, with extended meditations, introductions to new tools and techniques and practical, solution driven exercises. Sometimes our best intentions...

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with Rosie Gray
9th & 10th Mar - 10:30-16:00, or
11th & 12th May - 10:30-16:00

During this 2 day course, you will learn to rebuild trust and confidence in your own body’s ability to birth, by understanding that ‘birth’ is not a medical emergency, but a very natural process. Rosie will teach you breathing techniques, deep relaxation, visualisations as well as the power of the mind and positive affirmations. As a highly experienced birth doula, Rosie will also weave in her extensive experience having attended a vast number births. She will provide you with considerable practical information based on this experience. Rosie regularly support births at...

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Baby & Child First Aid Course

with Katherine Whitby
Sun 24th March - 10:30-13:00
Sun 19th May - 10:30-13:00

As your babies and children grow every age and stage brings excitement, but also new questions about your child's safety. Following the latest guidelines, topics covered will include Resuscitation and Choking with plenty of time to practice an easy to remember technique on manikins, allergic reactions, burns and scalds, bleeding, bruising, cuts and grazes, head injuries, managing fever and febrile convulsions.  Incorporating accident prevention and home safety, tips for managing first aid and illnesses at home and demos of first aid and medicinal kits...

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Birth Journey

with Midwife Rebecca  & Doula Tama
Sat 30th Mar & 13th Apr - 10:30-16:30 & Fri 5
th Apr - 18:30-20:30

This workshop has been designed to ensure you and your birth partner will be well informed, excited and ready to welcome your babies. You will meet other parents-to-be, share experiences and form friendships. Tama and Rebecca will draw on their first-hand experience and provide the latest practical information in a warm and engaging environment. Topics included in the workshop are Labour and birth care, Feeding your baby, Postnatal care for mum and Life with...

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Baby Weaning

with Katherine Whitby
Get a group of minimum 5, max 12 together and we'll set up a course for you.

When your baby has only had milk, whether it is breast or formula, the thought of giving them ‘real’ food can be a daunting one.  Weaning your baby on to solid food is currently recommended at 6 months.  It is advisable to do the course from 4 months onwards so you have the information ready. This course will show how your little one can have the same healthy and varied food as you setting the foundations for enjoying happy, fuss free meal times and avoiding hours in the kitchen!  Food is such a big part of our lives and...

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Alexander Technique

with John Hunter
No Current Dates

This is a three-hour introductory workshop in the Alexander Technique, a tried and tested method of learning how to  move and support ourselves in the most natural way; release unnecessary tensions; get a sense of ease and lightness; breathe naturally and  de-stress. This workshop is suitable for anyone suffering from any kind of tension or stress related conditions; performers wishing to find more ease in their work and anyone studying mind-body disciplines who want to find the most natural ways of approaching their chosen discipline...

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