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Yvonne Eklund


Yvonne Eklund - Craniosacral Therapy

After leaving school Yvonne left her home in Lapland to pursue a career in nursing which was interrupted by the all consuming business of bringing up a family, after which she enjoyed a career as an Art Consultant. A chance introduction to Reiki by an acquaintance rekindled Yvonne's interest in health care and drove her to find out more, joining classes and learning about related fields. Yvonne discovered cranio-sacral therapy after herself being successfully treated after a long illness and resolved to become a fully trained practitioner so she could give the relief that she had found.

The gentle but powerful, hands-on nature of cranio-sacral therapy seemed a perfect fit for Yvonne and she worked swiftly to gain her diploma from the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London. Subsequently she has completed numerous advanced courses in the cranio-sacral field pursuing her particular interests in dealing with trauma, dental problems and work with mother and baby. Cranio-sacral therapy is suited to conditions experienced by babies such as colic, problem feeding, breathing difficulties, restlessness and irritability as they respond well to the non verbal nature of the therapy