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Kay Johnson


Kay - Lotte Berk Instructor

Kay Johnson trained with Lotte Berk, a modern ballet dancer from Germany, in 1978 and was given her diploma in 1979; as such Kay is one of the original instructors of the exercise, named after Lotte Berk herself. Lotte's amazing method of giving her students a strong, toned and elegant form has led Kay to practise and teach for nearly 40 years.

In 1980 Kay was sent to Hong Kong for three months to support a student who opened a Lotte Berk studio, where she connected with the ancient philosophies of the Far East. Kay has been studying and practising Buddhism for 20 years; is a Reiki practitioner and also trained and studied Chi-Kung with Master Lam Kamchuen in London, as well as travelling to Malaysia to study Chi-Kung there. These influences have now changed how she teaches Lotte Berk.