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Charmaine Evans



Passionate about yoga since her teenage years, Charmaine believes that there is a yoga class to suit everybody, regardless of body shape, age or ability.  With a strong training background in vinyasa flow, she teaches yoga with focus on fitness and tempo, working within each student’s individual range of movement and capabilities.

Complimenting this, Charmaine is also trained in teaching yoga for sports, indoor paddleboard yoga, yoga for lifting, power yoga and Barre.

Charmaine’s classes are suitable for all levels, as she pays particular attention to each student’s individual alignment to ensure that asanas are carried out in a safe way. This allows students to progress in their personal practice and pay attention to their body alignment both on and off the mat.

Outside of teaching, Charmaine works in a fast paced television production environment and understands that the variety of pressures people can face on a daily basis. Yoga is a great way to balance this and having a passion for pranayama, Charmaine often incorporates various breathing exercises for these students to assist them in turning their practice inwards to encourage calmness and serenity.