After accidents or surgery it is natural to form a scar. As part of the healing process a different type of tissue is needed to close the gap created by the surgery or injury. This scar tissue contains more collagen so it sticks together and contains less blood and lymph vessels.  Once initial healing has finished in the scar it can be left feeling tight or have lumpy or hard sections, this is especially common if there was an infection during healing. Some people report loss of feeling, or a change in sensation where nerve damage has occurred around the scar or a pulling sensation in the areas nearby. All these symptoms can be helped to an extent with ScarWork and most people respond quickly to treatment, though recovery is dependent on the severity of the problems. Scar tissue will remain in the area, but it will become better integrated with the surrounding tissues and feel flatter and smoother.

ScarWorks (manual scar tissue mobilisation) is a painless, non-invasive, light touch therapy. It draws on a range of specialist techniques applied to improve the function in the area by releasing adhesions, relieving pain, addressing numbness, improving the health and feel of the scar and improving its appearance. This gentle touch can also serve as a wonderful way to emotionally come to terms with changes to the body.

Scars of all types can be treated, including those from accidents, burns and surgery of all types such as caesarean, muscular skeletal surgery and cancer surgery.

After treatment, scars often feel softer and those in pain report less discomfort around the scar tissue and elsewhere in the body. This is because a scar may have impacted other areas due to adhesions, habits developed such as compensation patterns, or an individual sub-consciously protecting the area. Many find that after a treatment movement feels less restricted.

Scars of any age can benefit and number of treatments needed will vary on size, age and type of scar.  A course of treatments is desirable to create long-lasting improvement. Initially a course of 6 treatments is suggested, with treatment every two weeks to allow time for changes to take place and tissue to settle.

This treatment is not suitable for scars that are infected or weeping, Keloid scars, Scars where surgical mesh has been used or Lymphoedema.

If the client dislikes the scar being touched it is still possible to have a treatment. Work starts gently away from the site where adhesions have tracked and as comfort levels improve, work can progress closer to the scar.

Amanda is excited to bring ScarWork to Earthlife for the first time. This painless, light touch therapy can improve the function in the area of scarring, release adhesions, reduce pain, and address numbness, improving the health and appearance of any scar. With this knowledge, skillset and continued professional development, Amanda is able to provide a truly holistic experience for her clients.

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