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Mum & Baby Yoga


Tuesday - 11:00-12:15

This is a very special yoga to help mums with postnatal recovery and is done with the baby. The sessions aim to promote strength and vitality and improve posture through gentle yoga poses. The poses are done with the babies, allowing mum and baby to get to know and bond with each other. Mums get to do some sensible and realistic post-natal exercise and the babies will enjoy the restorative positions and dedicated playtime.

Classes can be attended 6 weeks after a straightforward delivery and 12 weeks after c-section.

Mum & Baby Yoga with older babies

Not currently running

This class is for mums with babies from 6-12 months and the yoga practice involve deeper stretching and more vigorous, revitalising postures and breathing. The class will aid the baby's development, allowing them to stretch and move in ways that they can't always manage alone.

Post Natal Pilates

Monday - 10:45-11:45

Post Natal Pilates is a great low impact workout for new mums. It promotes flexibility, prevents back pain by strengthening your pelvic floor and most importantly tones and strengthens the stomach muscles. The aim is to regain overall body strength including pelvic floor, manage body weight and improve self-confidence. You can come after your 6 week check-up after a natural birth and 8-10 weeks after a c-section. Babies are welcome to come along and can lie on a mat next to you or sit in a car seat.

Baby Massage

Mother massaging baby

Thursday - 14:00-15:00 - Next Course starting TBC

Touch is the baby’s first language and plays an essential role in the early parent-child relationship. This loving, nurturing and healing touch also has an important and vital impact on a baby’s development whilst strengthening their immune system and help to promote sleep.

Through this hands-on course, you’ll learn why this is so beneficial, feel confident offering your baby a top to toe massage using specific oils and cover specific therapeutic needs. Overall, your baby will be soothed and relieved from common complaints such as colds, colic, congestion, constipation etc. whilst also being a very precious and relaxing time together.

Suitable from 10 weeks to crawling.

Baby & Child First Aid

Sun 12th January - 10:30-13:00
Sun 8th March - 10:30-13:00

As your babies and children grow every age and stage brings new excitement, but also new questions about your child's safety. Following the latest guidelines, topics covered will include Resuscitation and Choking with plenty of time to practice an easy to remember technique on manikins, allergic reactions, burns and scalds, bleeding, bruising, cuts and grazes, head injuries, managing fever and febrile convulsions. Incorporating accident prevention and home safety, tips for managing first aid and illnesses at home and demos of first aid and medicinal kits, will ensure the course is just what you need. Handouts are given to take home.

This course is perfect for parents, grandparents or babysitters, who will gain huge peace of mind. Babies are very welcome and parents are encouraged to feed, change and comfort them as they wish. The course is 2 and half hours long including a short break.



Baby Weaning

jar of apple food for baby - nutrition

No Current dates

When your baby has only had milk, whether it is breast or formula, the thought of giving them ‘real’ food can be a daunting one. Weaning your baby on to solid food is currently recommended at 6 months. It is advisable to do the course from 4 months onwards so you have the information ready.

This course will show how your little one can have the same healthy and varied food as you setting the foundations for enjoying happy, fuss free meal times and avoiding hours in the kitchen! Food is such a big part of our lives and it will be fun to see your baby taste different foods for the first time – the facial expressions are priceless!

Often parents need the opportunity to ask questions and avoid the confusion, which different books and websites can lead to! This Weaning course gives you information about the various options – traditional purees, fingers foods and ‘Baby Led Weaning’ and stages introducing food. The course also covers teething, cups, dummies, food hygiene and recipe ideas.