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Mum & Baby Yoga


Thursday - 11:00-12:15

This is a very special yoga to help mums with postnatal recovery and is done with the baby. The sessions aim to promote strength and vitality and improve posture through gentle yoga poses. The poses are done with the babies, allowing mum and baby to get to know and bond with each other. Mums get to do some sensible and realistic post-natal exercise and the babies will enjoy the restorative positions and dedicated playtime.

Classes can be attended 6 weeks after a straightforward delivery and 12 weeks after c-section. 

Mum & Baby Yoga with older babies

Thursday - 12:45-14:00

This class is for mums with babies from 6-12 months and the yoga practice involve deeper stretching and more vigorous, revitalising postures and breathing. The class will aid the baby's development, allowing them to stretch and move in ways that they can't always manage alone.

Post Natal Pilates

Currently not running

This class will help you to recover your pre-baby shape and boost your much needed energy levels. Our studio provides a calm and relaxed environment to help you to:

  • Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles that are weakened by pregnancy to avoid problems of incontinence
  • Retrain your abdominal muscles to help support your spine and pelvis
  • Re-educate correct postures following the natural changes in your body through pregnancy.
  • Strengthen your upper body and learn how to lift and hold your growing baby to avoid back problems
  • Learn relaxation techniques to reduce stress and help you to sleep.


Wednesday - 10:45-11:45

Buggyfit is the best way you to get back in shape after your new arrival - it is not only a great workout but it is fun and social too! The classes last 60 minutes and provide a full body work out; starting with a warm up, moving into a cardiovascular element usually involving a power walk/jog or circuit training then some group exercises to strengthen and tone particular muscle groups e.g. arms, legs, bums and tums and our pelvic core. We finish the classes with a cool down and stretch. It is a great way to get fit, chat to other local mums and give your baby some fresh air - no childcare required!

Some of the Benefits of Buggyfit:

  1. Group support for new mums
  2. Great for fat burning
  3. Mix of cardiovascular & strength training, improve posture & strengthen core muscles
  4. Bring baby/babies. No crèche or babysitter required
  5. Effective & safe postnatal workout with qualified instructor
  6. Lots of fresh air

Baby Massage

Mother massaging baby

Tuesday - 11:00-12:00 - Starting 19th September for 4 weeks

Touch is the baby’s first language and plays an essential role in the early parent-child relationship. This loving, nurturing and healing touch also has an important and vital impact on a baby’s development whilst strengthening their immune system and help to promote sleep.

Through this hands-on course, you’ll learn why this is so beneficial, feel confident offering your baby a top to toe massage using specific oils and cover specific therapeutic needs. Overall, your baby will be soothed and relieved from common complaints such as colds, colic, congestion, constipation etc. whilst also being a very precious and relaxing time together.

Suitable from 10 weeks to crawling.