Mother and Baby

Ante Natal

Pregnancy is a very special time and a woman’s body and mind will experience tremendous changes within a short period of time. We offer treatments and classes, which are designed to help you adapt to the changes happening within you, prepare for and recover from the birth and bond with your new baby.

Post Natal

Exercising in the postpartum period is a way to help you get back into shape and has enormous benefits to mother and baby. We welcome you after your 6 week check-up after a straight forward birth, or 10-12 weeks after a c-section; when you have the all-clear from your GP.


Pregnancy is a joyful time, but it can also place a great strain on a woman’s body; both physically and mentally. Having regular treatments throughout pregnancy can hugely improve the experience, increase the health of both the mother and child; and in some cases make birth a better experience.