In our Summer Newsletter 2019 we introduced Tara Scott, a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist, who has recently started working at Earthlife.  Here is a great blog post she wrote a while ago:

‘Your postnatal body & the Mummy MOT!’

You’ve gone through pregnancy… got through birth and got your gorgeous little baby… It is an incredible and life changing journey; both emotionally and physically.

As a mum myself, I know it is all too easy to get focused on your new bundle of joy and forget about looking after yourself.

However, a few days, weeks or even months down the line you might notice and start wondering if those niggly symptoms you might be experiencing are normal..

  • Your bladder might be leaking after coughing, sneezing or laughing (or maybe after trying that little jump on a trampoline with your eldest child & quickly regretting it )
  • Dashing to the toilet or having difficulty getting there in time & having to always make sure you know where the nearest toilet is
  • Not being able to control your wind..eek.. & having to blame it on your baby ?
  • A painful or aching back or pelvis
  • A strange gap or bulging in your tummy
  • A heaviness, lump or dragging sensation in your pelvis or around your vagina

All these problems are so common and yet NOT NORMAL, but with seeking the right help and a bit of work they can get better!

The reason you may be getting these symptoms is because after having a baby most women have a weakness in either their tummy muscles, pelvic floor muscles or both. It is so important to seek professional help to treat your symptoms and have the best recovery possible, and most importantly so you can enjoy your baby and motherhood as much as possible.

I highly recommend seeing a Specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapist. At Earthlife, I offer a 1 hour ‘MUMMY MOT’ postnatal examination which includes: a full postural screen, in-depth pelvic floor muscle assessment, abdominal muscle exam to check for any separation, and screening for any bladder, bowel or sexual dysfunction. Following this, you will be given a bespoke postnatal recovery programme to include rehabilitation exercises, advice and follow up treatment if needed.

The Mummy MOT is recommended for all women following a vaginal or caesarean section delivery, from 6 weeks post birth, but it can be done months or even years later. SO please don’t suffer in silence and let those symptoms get worse!’

Tara is available on Monday mornings and is offering a £10 discount on your 1st consultation between 13th January and 10th February.  To book, please contact Earthlife on 020 8940 0888 or email