• 1-hour postnatal assessment with a Specialist Postnatal Physiotherapist
  • In depth check of pelvic floor strength and tummy gap
  • Assessment of any physical problems arising from pregnancy and birth
  • A bespoke post-natal recovery programme devised especially for the patient, their lifestyle and fitness goals. This includes specific and safe postnatal exercises to improve stability, posture and core strength


Reiki is a safe, gentle, hands on or off healing technique, uses no pressure and is ideal for everyone. The energy flows to wherever it is most needed, and can normally be felt as a warm sensation or tingling in the body. If you are tired, you’ll feel refreshed. If you are anxious, you’ll feel calmer. If you are upset, you’ll feel reassured. Where you feel overwhelmed, you’ll find a renewed sense of yourself. A Reiki treatment is a deeply relaxing experience and most people notice a difference after the first treatment. Having regular sessions may help to promote development of a healthier, more resourceful state of being.

Reiki is not intended to replace your current course of medical treatment.  It is, however, a wonderful supplement to any other treatment.

*Offers available until 15th February 2020.