Himalayan Salt Lamps have been rising in popularity lately and Earthlife for one, has definitely noticed an increase in sales.  Aesthetically, they are beautiful to look at and provide a comforting warm glow, but more importantly, they are believed to have many health benefits and healing properties.

Real Himalayan salt lamps are mainly mined from deep in the mines of Khewra, Pakistan. The Khewra Salt Mine is a major tourist attraction, where the public are taken into the mine via a train. Inside there are pools of salty water, a mosque, statues, assembly hall, salt bridge and café. As well as the traditional mining, for the past three years there has also been an experimental asthma clinic at the mine, attracting patients from all over the world. In 2007 a clinical ward with 20 beds was established to treat respiratory diseases including asthma, by creating an underground micro-climate (Speleotherapy) and using Salt Therapy (Halotherapy).

Salt lamps or are essentially large pieces of pure Himalayan Salt with a small bulb inside and Tea Candle Holders have a hole to place the candle in. No two are the same, as they are hand-carved and comes in various shapes and sizes. They naturally contain veins, cracks and striations that make each item individually unique. The colours range from almost pure white, to light orange, to at times a deep dark orange that is almost red.

Besides being beautiful and giving off a warm, inviting glow – Salt Lamps are also believed to produce negative ions naturally. Salt Lamps purify the air using the power of hygroscopy. This means that they attract water and absorb molecules from the surrounding atmosphere including any foreign particles they may be carrying. Once the lamp is heated, it will evaporate any negative ions back into the air and the trapped particles of dust, pollen, smoke, etc remain locked in the salt.  Negative ions also help offset the effects of positive ions produced by electronics such as computers, smart phones, radios and televisions. Negative ions are produced naturally by thunderstorms, waterfalls and the ocean, which is the main reason why people feel refreshed and energised in those environments.

Here is a short list of just some of the possible benefits of having a Salt lamp in your home:

Fights humidity
The lamp can actually get rid of moisture in the air. This process is called hygroscopy and is very beneficial to health. The airborne water particles are absorbed by the lamp and remain on its surface until it is heated out.

Air cleanser
Salt lamp helps clean the air. With its process of absorbing water molecules, the free flowing allergens, dust, pet hair and cigarette smoke particles that are trapped in these water molecules becomes absorbed as well.

Eases asthma and allergy symptoms
Salt lamps may help provide some relief to people suffering from respiratory ailments by counteracting the negative effects of positive ions in the atmosphere. Since the Salt lamps help reduce allergens, dust, pollen, mould, and mildew in the air around you, it provides relief from asthma and allergy causing environments.

Brings negative ions
Our homes are filled with positive ions. The majority of which are produced by our everyday electronics. When the heated lamp begins to release clean water molecules back into the air, it releases negatively charged ions as well, which helps increase the level of serotonin in our bodies; a hormone that fights depression and stress while boosting our energy level.

Promotes relaxation
Salt lamps can effectively enhance the mood as well as help you relax and unwind. The Salt lamps can also effectively improve cognitive function and enhance concentration, by helping to improve blood circulation and oxygen supply to the body, as well as increasing serotonin levels.

Even though Himalayan Salt lamp health benefits aren’t fully supported by modern science, there are indications these lamps may enhance your well-being. The healing effects of negative ions have been well-studied and although claims for Salt lamps are unproven, they are based on plausible science. Salt in the air really does help breathing problems, and negative ions really are linked to better moods.

The jury’s out on whether the lamps are powerful enough to actually deliver these benefits, though lots of our customers swear they feel noticeably better since they started using the lamps.

Earthlife has been selling these lamps and tea candle holders for the last 15 years, as well as having the lamps on in every room throughout the arch. We have a selection of sizes available for sale, in various shapes and shades.  To browse our selection, please stop by at Arch 2, where prices starts from £7.95 for the Tea Candle Holders to £49.95 for a 8-10 kg lamp.