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Welcome to Earthlife’s February Newsletter

Welcome to our February Newsletter, with news on our upcoming Classes, Workshops, Treatment Offers and other articles.

Our Class Schedule will start w/c 25th February for 6 weeks and our 10% early booking discount (for full courses only) will be available until 22nd February.  Our classes have a maximum of 9 people in any class, to ensure instructor attention for everyone. If you are not sure which class is for you, please give us a call and we can help you decide.

Thinking about quitting smoking? Find out how Hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy is a relaxing and safe process that most clients find quite enjoyable.  During a session you’ll be guided to a deep level of relaxation which allows the therapist to work with your unconscious mind to create and suggest new outcomes for you, e.g. stopping smoking / being more confident etc.

Baby Massage is known to be a great way to bond with your baby, but research also shows that regularly massaging your baby can help ease the symptoms of reflux, constipation and teething and is even shown to help mums suffering with postnatal depression, so it’s a win, win! Our next 4 week course is scheduled to start Tuesday 12th March at 11:00-12:00 and will be held by Sona Sharma, who also is our Mum & Baby Yoga instructor.

Massages is also great for adults, but sometimes it is difficult to know which one to have. At Earthlife we have a whole variety of different massages available and we have done a summary of what each one involves and the benefits. If you feel you are in need of a little bit of relaxation and pampering; feeling stressed and worn out; or if you have a really tight neck, shoulder, back or legs, then do give us call.

As usual we have some great weekend Workshops, with a Vinyasa Yoga workshop with Louisa on Sat 2nd March and a ‘Happy Hips’ Yoga workshop with Caroline on Sat 23rd March. Reiki Share groups are scheduled for 2nd March and 6th April, with a Reiki Level I course coming up at the end of April. For parents-to-be we have Hypnobirthing on 9th & 10th March, Birth Journey starting 30th March and Baby First Aid, which can be attended either pre or post birth, on Sun 24th March.

Treatment Offers for February &  March will be Stop Smoking sessions with £35 OFF and Indian Head Massage with £5 OFF.

We look forward to seeing you at Earthlife soon!