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Summer 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our Summer 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to our summer 2018 Newsletter.  With summer and glorious sunshine finally here, it is time to get yourself ready for the holiday season. At Earthlife we can help in various ways, with Fitness Classes to tone, strengthen and lengthen, a Nutritional Therapist to help with bad eating habits and other dietary issues, as well…

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Nutrition + Homeopathy for poor gut health

The dynamic duo of nutrition plus homeopathy for poor gut health. If you suffer from mild digestive issues, candida, food intolerance, or leaky gut, it’s evident that you have poor gut health. But did you know that if you’re showing signs of chronic inflammation and illness, this could also be the result of gut problems?…

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Healing your Inner Child

The concept of the inner child has been around for a very long time; although in the recent years many more people have sought to deeper understand how this concept can release us from our childhood pain, and to even harness its joys. Your inner child is a subconscious embodiment of all the memories, experiences…

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Save the Day!

The Kew Midsummer Fete is on Saturday 23rd June and you don’t want to miss it. There’s a funfair, a dog show, a tug of war contest for adults and one for children too, live music and performances from local artists and more than a hundred stalls, most of which are run by local businesses…

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Treatment Offers Summer 2018

Nutrition & Homeopathy £25 OFF both your initial and first follow-up appointment in June If you’re suffering from any kind of chronic inflammation, prolonged or frequent bouts of illness, fatigue, stress, depression or anxiety it may be symptomatic of, or exacerbated by poor gut health. Perhaps you feel bloated and uncomfortable after eating or are…

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